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Almerich Lighting Available from IM Design ConceptsAlmerich is produced in Spain and distributed by IM Design Concepts throughout North America. Their style is contemporary, featuring materials such as metal and fabric in a wide variety of colors, such as the Murano glass, the Swarovski crystal elements or the alabaster.

Providing exceptional designs for our customers, each piece of Almerich lighting is assembled to the highest standards upon order in Valencia, Spain.

Founder, Antonio Almerich Villanueva, launched his company in Valencia, Spain in 1943. What began as a small, yet optimistic operation of traditional lighting fixtures has since evolved over three-quarters of a century into a modern mastery of exceptional contemporary lighting collections.

Each product is crafted in the original location on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian peninsula where Antonio Almerich launched his firm. Almerich still maintains all the hallmarks of high quality and exclusivity that were at the heart of the old small workshop’s production.

Almerich Reinvented

Almerich has since reinvented itself merging it's best tradition with the most actual contemporaneity, searching for sophistication based on craftsmanship, innovation and culture of design. Timeless and sensitivity are mixed now with it's maximum exigency.

Rediscover elements of yesteryear, a passion for quality, and emotions of today and uncover the truly inspiring works of Almerich.

Almerich has invested in designer pieces in the interests of producing exclusive and original work, all of which is modern, innovative and accessible. Almerich’s cutting-edge lighting is not only regularly featured in the international press but also in countless public places, such as an exhibition hall in Switzerland, restaurants in Canada, Germany and the UK, and hotels in such European cities as Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Valencia. 

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