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European Elegance Redefined

STILLUX Lighting - Rose ChandelierIM Design Concepts is proud to showcase STILLUX lighting, an emblem of European design excellence. As the United States' exclusive promoter and distributor of premier European lighting designs, our commitment is to bring unmatched artistry and functionality to discerning interior designers and decor aficionados.

The STILLUX Legacy

Founded by the visionary duo, Marco and Lucia Innocenti, STILLUX's history captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Epitomizing the ethos of "Made in Italy" lighting, STILLUX bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship lighting and avant-garde modern lighting designs, creating luminous pieces that resonate with timeless elegance.

  • Authenticity at its Finest
    Delve into the realm of artisan lighting design. Each creation emerges from a meticulous process of design, prototyping, and realization, ensuring a unique masterpiece every time.

  • Collections that Dazzle
    Ranging from the enigmatic The Gallery lights and the sophisticated Limelight lighting design, to the contemporary New Directions decor and the mesmerizing Opera Prima chandeliers, there’s a STILLUX design tailored for every ambiance.

  • Innovation Meets Tradition
    The STILLUX Lighting Lab logo is more than a brand emblem; it signifies a commitment. Harmonizing innovative lighting technology with age-old lighting design inspiration, STILLUX offers an unrivaled lighting experience.

Benefits Tailored for the Modern Designer

For United States-based interior decorators and design professionals, STILLUX lighting presents a plethora of advantages:

  • Customized Lighting Solutions
    Recognizing that design needs are diverse, STILLUX offers tailored solutions, ensuring that each space tells its own luminous story.

  • An Array of Choices
    Be it luxury hotel lighting for opulent environments or exclusive residential lighting for cozy interiors, STILLUX meets every design demand with finesse.

  • High-End Projects Portfolio
    With collaborations spanning from Milan’s Fiera Campionaria to iconic spaces in Moscow and Dubai, STILLUX flaunts its global design prowess.

Illuminate Your Vision with STILLUX

Positioned at the epicenter of the U.S. design landscape, IM Design Concepts beckons design professionals to embrace the brilliance of STILLUX. Explore our curated portfolio and imagine the transformative power of STILLUX for your next design venture.

With STILLUX lighting, every glow narrates a tale of unmatched European sophistication.

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