A Legacy of Excellence

TREBOL Cossi Collection armchair, stool, and side tableOriginating in Valencia, the city that's considered the cradle of design furniture, TREBOL has championed the cause of turning homes and commercial spaces into realms of elegance and functionality. With over seven decades of experience, the Torrijos family has curated a range of furniture that boasts of high aesthetic impact, blending Valencia furniture designs with sustainable practices, ensuring every piece stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and design finesse.

  • Avant-garde Touch
    Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean designs, TREBOL offers an array of designer sofas and living room furniture, accentuating homes and commercial spaces.

  • Sustainable Practices
    Prioritizing the circular economy, TREBOL ensures sustainability in design, be it through their upholstery craftsmanship or metal creations.

  • Collections to Adore
    From the architectural charm of the Nara collection to the intricate detailing of the Torino collection, TREBOL promises a piece for every discerning taste.

Why Choose TREBOL?

For design professionals and interior decorators, TREBOL furniture presents a canvas where imagination meets reality. Each piece, from sofa collections to side tables, exudes:

  • Functionality
    Designed not just to be seen but to be lived with. TREBOL's offerings, including their design auxiliary furniture, are crafted to suit modern lifestyles, ensuring spaces are not only beautiful but also highly functional.

  • Unique Design
    High aesthetic impact furniture with features such as solid wood turned legs, ensuring your spaces resonate with elegance and modernity.

  • Sustainability
    Upholding the ethos of a circular economy, TREBOL furniture incorporates sustainable practices in every phase of design and production.

With IM Design Concepts and TREBOL, you're not just choosing furniture. You're investing in a legacy. Dive deep into the world of TREBOL and let each piece inspire your spaces, persuading you to envision a world where design meets life.

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