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IM Design Concepts floods a space with optical excellence. We offer a unique and sophisticated approach to lighting and furniture, as we balance our knowledge and experience of European quality with the designers' vision. At IM Design Concepts we offer high performance and remarkable lighting that is perfect for your space.

We are the exclusive promoter and distributor of some of the finest lighting and furniture designs. Our list of brands will be growing over time, but we will always stay eclectic. The mission of IM Design Concepts is to provide seamless service when specifying and ordering quality European manufactured lighting.

IM Design Concepts provides clients with a comprehensive experience for selecting and purchasing lighting solutions, from the initial project conception through successful installation and completion. From architectural layouts to decorative styling and beyond, our staff is here to help you through your project.

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At IM Design Concepts we work with a wide range of clients and their spaces. From common areas, guest rooms, and restaurants to large scale custom projects, our teams of lighting and furniture experts have helped our customers elevate their finished look in all kinds of spaces.

We help our customers create dramatic and inviting atmospheres with unique lighting to create an uplifting experience and a happy atmosphere that will ultimately translate into an environment everyone will enjoy. Many Architects and Designers who are looking to elevate their spaces with the highest quality light fixtures and furniture have turned to IM Design Concepts for solutions.

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At IM Design Concepts, our expert professionals offer the ultimate in illumination services. We work closely with the best manufacturers in order to provide the utmost in quality and selection and offer high-end lighting products that fit your project budget. IM Design Concept’s years of experience in the industry has resulted in the cultivation of strong relationships with many brands, enabling advantageous pricing and lead time.

From subtle recessed lighting to striking chandeliers, from eye-catching pendants to contemporary track fixtures, IM Design Concepts offers a beautiful array of classy and chic lighting solutions. Whether you are lighting up a single home, an entire office, or an extensive complex, we offer fine-tuned expertise and a smooth, hassle-free experience. 

We have researched and hand selected lighting brands that share in our values and that we trust to offer you the greatest in what lighting design has to offer. We will do our best to educate you on the brands and their products as well as general lighting knowledge, decorating trends as well as have some fun along the way. Each of the curated brands we carry are committed to creating lasting looks that will brighten your home in style today, tomorrow and for years to come. 

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As your lighting supplier, we work hard to make sure you get the ideal blend of beauty, value, and customer care.

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At IM Design Concepts, we believe that great lighting has the power not to just elevate any space, but enrich people’s lives. The brands we carry embrace both history and contemporary themes while striking the perfect balance between vintage-inspired and modern sophistication. The lights we promote are conceived as design objects that transform spaces that bring beauty and stir emotions.

Our quality European lighting designs seamlessly coordinate with your space to transform it into conversation and admiration. For comfortable private space or open commercial space, we've got lots of ideas. From brass, crystal, handblown glass or natural wood, we're expanding the possibilities for your lighting.

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We are committed to providing quality - in our products, in our processes, and in our service. Everyone here plays a critical role in delivering beautiful and creative lighting

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