EBB & FLOW Light FixturesAt IM Design Concepts, our mission has always been to curate and showcase the crème de la crème of European lighting designs for our esteemed clientele of United States-based Interior Designers.

In line with this tradition, we proudly present our esteemed brand partner, EBB & FLOW. An embodiment of refined luxury, meticulous craftsmanship, and unparalleled design aesthetics, EBB & FLOW remains a stalwart representation of lighting that's more than mere illumination - it's a narrative, a statement, a testament to exquisite design sensibilities.

Unveiling a Timeless Symphony of Light and Design

Founded on the ethos of personality-driven interior designs, EBB & FLOW transcends the ordinary to breathe life into spaces. Susanne Nielsen, the heart and soul of EBB & FLOW, meticulously crafts each piece, ensuring a seamless blend of vintage-inspired lighting with modern design classics.

Every interior designer knows the profound impact of lighting on spaces. EBB & FLOW doesn't just light up a room; it accentuates its character, elevates its persona, and leaves an indelible mark of elegance.

Why EBB & FLOW is the Choice of Elite Interior Designers

The hand-crafted magic of EBB & FLOW isn't just about illuminating spaces; it's about narrating tales of passion, precision, and perfection. Here's why this European marvel stands unparalleled:

  • Decorative Lighting Extraordinaire
    EBB & FLOW collections range from exquisite crystal bowls to radiant pendant lights, ensuring versatility for various interior design narratives.

  • Signature Susanne Nielsen Designs
    Inspired by organic shapes in lighting, each piece tells a story, reflecting Susanne's keen eye for detail and her penchant for bespoke lighting designs.

  • Majestic Materials
    Dive deep into the opulence of mouth-blown glass lighting, hand-cut crystal lamps, and luxurious fabric lampshades, sourced and crafted from the finest corners of Europe.

  • Pristine Craftsmanship
    Every product is a testament to traditional craft lighting methods, quality-controlled, and hand-built in Denmark, ensuring longevity and timeless charm.

  • Collaborative Creations
    With designer lampshades stemming from collaborations with luminaries like Christian Lacroix and Designers Guild, each piece is a celebration of artistic synergy.

Illuminate with Elegance: A Call to Interior Design Maestros

With multiple locations in the United States, IM Design Concepts invites you to experience the magic of EBB & FLOW. Embrace lighting that's not just a visual treat but an experience, an emotion, a statement.

Whether it's for custom lighting projects, architectural decorative lighting, or simply to introduce a touch of European flair to your design palette, EBB & FLOW promises unparalleled sophistication and class.

Light up your designs with the unmatched elegance of EBB & FLOW, and let every space tell a tale of luxury, brilliance, and timeless beauty.

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