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IM Design Concepts brings together over three decades of experience of importing some of the finest in contemporary lighting to the North American market. From Spain to Sweden, passing through Italy and the United Kingdom, we promote and distribute modern architectural and decorative lighting from all over Europe.

Many showrooms, designers, and architects have relied on IM Design Concepts to provide a diverse selection of high-quality innovative lighting solutions. With a distribution center and headquarters in Tampa, Florida and an office in New York, IM Design Concepts is conveniently placed for all areas of business, from interior designers and architects to contractors and retailers across North America.

IM Design Concepts offers a strong sense of style, perspective, and vision to help you truly elevate your space.

We work with an extensive network of professional representatives throughout the United States, who are expertly trained in the lighting segment. Their background in contracting and specification allows them to navigate through every project from the design and technical aspects to the final steps of installation and support.

Our mission is to assist our clients through a premium service, tailored to their needs, and help them create the perfect ambiance with our unique, luxurious and innovative designer lighting. We are always looking for state-of-the-art lighting technology for our clients to create contemporary, impactful, and innovative lighting.

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European Lighting Distribution

At IM Design Concepts, we believe that great lighting has the power not to just elevate any space, but enrich people’s lives. The brands we carry embrace both history and contemporary themes while striking the perfect balance between vintage-inspired and modern sophistication. The lights we promote are conceived as design objects that transform spaces that bring beauty and stir emotions.

Our quality European lighting designs seamlessly coordinate with your space to transform it into conversation and admiration. For comfortable private space or open commercial space, we've got lots of ideas. From brass, crystal, handblown glass or natural wood, we're expanding the possibilities for your lighting.

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