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As the spring season arrives, Valencians burn everything bad to rise from the ashes, and fire continues to be an essential element of human civilization. FOC Lighting, a company based in Valencia, Spain, understands the importance of fire in our industry, crafts, gastronomy, and traditions, providing us with heat, energy, and illumination.

With many years in the lighting sector and obtaining the Artisan Qualification Document of the Valencian Community, FOC Lighting has learned to see things with perspective, understanding their project as something alive that needs to evolve with the times and adapt to the needs of their users.

In a historical moment where it is essential to rethink what is being done and return to the origins, FOC Lighting is committed to respecting the environment and taking advantage of resources in a responsible and sustained manner.

FOC Lighting aims to create honest and authentic lighting products with strong roots in the tradition of the Valencian area while taking advantage of clean technologies and sustainable processes through design.

By bringing together the best of their present and recovering the best of their past, FOC Lighting offers a combination of vanguard and tradition, design and crafts, light and fire.

The brand's focus is on creating honest, close products with a firm commitment to the user, the environment, and tradition.

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By recovering materials rooted in the local culture and incorporating new technologies that allow us to advance as a society and protect the environment, FOC Lighting contributes to redefining a new craft that values the generational change we are experiencing, where the focus is on people rather than the market.

With new illusions, goals, and the usual know-how, FOC Lighting is a brand focused on discovering new ways of doing things to preserve what we love most.

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